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My name is Isaac and I have Cerebral Palsy. Me and my family are busy creating awareness of what Cerebral Palsy IS, and more importantly what it ISN'T.

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We old regular events to help promote Izzy's Message and to raise funds.

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Welcome to Izzy's Busy

Hi and welcome to Izzy's Busy - Isaac and his friends are trying to raise awareness, acceptance and understanding of what Cerebral Palsy is, and more importantly what it isn't. Izzy is a happy, sociable, and loving little fella and we hope that Izzy's Busy can help people see children with cerebral palsy as children first, and having disabilities second.




 2nd December - Izzysbusy facilitated two 2 hour seminars at Birmingham City University for 2nd year Nursing Degree Students.  A warm welcome as usual at BCU - we'll be back soon!


21st November - Seminar at Kidz Up North, Event City, Manchester.


University of Manchester 4th November 2013 - Izzysbusy facilitated two 1 hour seminars to 48 Nursing Degree students covering Isaac's story, the impact on family and how to make the 1% difference when they enter practice.  The sessions took Izzysbusy over the 1000 students mark for 2013!!

Bolton University 27th October 2013 - Izzysbusy presented a 2 hr session to 36 Post Graduate Health Visiting Students on the impact of disability from a family perspective and how they can make the 1% difference in how they practice in future.  It was also the first use of Dad's blog 'with and without' in a session.


Dad's blog - you can read dad's blog on http://38linepoem.wordpress.com/ 





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